Stirring of Echoes

Monday, March 21, 2005

Stirring Of Echoes

So, here's the poem that has inspired the name of this blog.

Stirring of Echoes

I see leaves circling in a sprightly dance,
rustled by the wind’s naughty nature.
As they tossed about in ritualistic prance,
someway, somehow, I feel you here.

The light, it makes the corridor so dim and dark,
making the world so bare and stark.
Your footsteps, they sound as silent as baby’s toes,
I hear nothing but the stirring of echoes.

Hold our hands tight like you’ve once before,
cement your feet to the soft, soft sand.
But you left us stranded on a sandless shore,
without proper goodbyes, just an empty land.

Just like the leaves, I hope you’re dancing away,
with a smile on your face as you twirl and sway.
As you fly up high in the company of heroes,
All I hear are the stirring of echoes.

© Mohamad Shaifulbahri

Losing a friend is such a painful state which no one would want to go through. Though this is not entirely a personal account, I wrote this when I discovered my friend, Farah, had lost her friend. My heart shivered when she told me what really happened and I felt that I just needed to do my part in this. Afterall, her friend was from the same school and for all I know, I might have passed her by once or twice without knowing that it was her.
I wrote this as a dedication to her friends and family despite now knowing the girl or her friends. Nonetheless, it is not only life but also death that connects us human beings.
And this poem, is what I have to give and share in return.

And I surely do hope she's smiling and twirling away far up high...


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